RIGHT ATTITUDES FROM GOD'S WORD: This page is a highlight of my favorite Scripture messages paraphrased. (Upcoming will be a book-by-book exploration of God's Biblical guidelines for righteous thoughts and actions.) [My personal additions are in green, inside brackets]
4:4 The true "bread of life" is the Living Word from the mouth of God.
4:7 Do not ask God to prove His power by contriving a test or making a deal with your Creator.[God proved all He needed on the cross]
4:19 If we follow Christ's commandments, He will use us to bring others to Him.
5:3-16 Be humble, gentle,committed to righteousness, merciful, pure in heart, lovers of peace, obedient, and steadfast. This is how we are to be "lights of the world" and the "salt of the earth" -- full of good works that bring honor and glory to our Father, Who alone deserves all praise.
5:24 Keep very short accounts with each other and with God -- forgive quickly and ask forgiveness as  often as necessary.[Do not let the sun go down on a misunderstanding]
7:7-11 For those who are obedient to the Will of God, the way is always open for abundant blessings.
7:12 Treat others [better than] the way you want to be treated.
10:16 Purity must prevail in the midst of evil; Extreme caution must be a constant vigil, but not at the expense of charity and love.
10:32-33 Never be ashamed of your salvation and Who has claimed you as His own. [If you are not embracing Christ in every manner, then you are rejecting Him in some ways you may not be aware of!]
11:28-30 Jesus Christ wants us to cast ALL our burdens upon Him and leave them there-- this is the only way to "find rest for our souls!!"
(1) If someone sins against you, go to that person in private to try resolving the misunderstanding; (2) If that person does not listen, take with you two or more "witnesses" and try again. (3) If they do not listen still, bring it before the church. (4) If that person still refuses to listen to so many voices who stand in agreement with you, then that person has the heart of a gentile and does not seek the Will of God.
19:26 With God, "ALL things are possible."
20:26-28 A servant's heart has the affection of God, and walks the path of Christ.
28:18-20 Tell of God's grace as often as possible, to as many people as possible, "until the end of the age." [How many of us fall so short of this most vital mission . . .]
6:34 All of us are like sheep that need a Shepherd to guide, preserve and to protect. Christ has compassion on all those who seek the truth.
7:20-23 Thoughts become actions, and the tongue is the gauge of the condition of the heart. [Guard your thoughts continuously, to keep your actions as pure as your heart]
11:24 Pray with full trust in the goodness of God.
12:26-27 God is the great "I AM" - the eternal God of the eternal living. [Death is but a short dream; Eternity is your last "wake-up call."]
8:5-15 Do not give the devil a chance to snatch the bud of truth God has planted in your heart; In order for truth to grow, it must be watered daily with the Living Water of God's Holy Word. It also needs the warmth of the Son of God to grow strong and stand tall. Weeds will always threaten to uproot and destroy, because it is their nature.
11:28 Those who HEAR the Word of God and OBSERVE it are blessed.
14:23-26 You must "compel" people to come into the sanctuary of God -- God MUST be FIRST in you life, above all others and all else. [Again, another area where ALL of us fall short; Christ is the ONLY living example of total unity with God; sin is the cause of humanity's conflict in priorities]
17:3-4 Forgiveness, just like love, should ALWAYS be UNCONDITIONAL.
17:6 Faith is limited by our finite understanding of an infinite God. [We must keep in mind that faith is "of God" and is not based in any way on human effort. Faith is trusting in God and not in ourselves.]
18:19 NO ONE is good!! Not even Jesus Christ Himself would claim to be good -- only His Father in Heaven is good. [All goodness IS of God, and inspired by Him.]
22:19-20 COMMUNION - the breaking of bread and the drinking of "the fruit of the vine" - is the most reverent of celebrations, in remembrance of the shedding of Christ's blood on the cross for the cleansing of our sins.
1:1 "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God."
1:12 We are adopted as "children of God" when we believe in Jesus Christ!! [Abba, Father, praise Thy name!]
3:16 OUR RICHEST BLESSING - God so loved US that He sacrificed His Son to give us ETERNAL LIFE with Him, IF we will accept this TRUTH!!!
4:34-37 One sows, another reaps, but God provides the harvest according to His Perfect Will.
5:24 We who believe have passed "out of death into life." AMEN!
6:35 Our sustenance comes from "the bread of life" -Jesus Christ. He will satisfy and sustain us.
8:12 Jesus Christ is the Light for our path through a dark world.
10:27-28 The Lord God KNOWS His own, and no one and nothing can "snatch them out of [His] hand."
10:37-38 We are known by our "works", whether we be "of God" or "of this world."
12:43 Always put the approval of God BEFORE the approval of man.
14:6 The ONLY way to God is through Jesus Christ.
14:21 HOW TO LOVE GOD - Keep His commandments!! Our blessings will be a perfect love from Him, and we will KNOW Him as a child knows their father.
14:27 The Peace of Christ cancels out fear and troubles.
1:8 The Holy Spirit resides within all believers to give us power to witness for God. [Stay in fellowship by having no unconfessed sins; otherwise, the Holy Spirit is "quenched," like water upon a fire. The spark of confession renews us to fellowship once again.]
2:41-42 EVIDENCE OF BEING TOTALLY FILLED WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT - "continually devoting [yourself]" to learning the Word of God, to Christian fellowship, to worship, and to prayer.[... to constantly strive to carry out what you KNOW to be the Will of God. A sad reflection: How many people do I know who act like this? Mother Theresa is the only one who immediately comes to mind.]
17:25 We do not serve God because He NEEDS our help; He is the Creator of life and ALL things. We serve Him to show our love and obedience.
1:16-17 The Word of God is the power of salvation to those who believe by FAITH.
3:23 ALL have sinned and [continually] fall short of the glory [and Will] of God.
6:13-23 As believers, we belong to the One who redeemed us, Jesus Christ. Therefore, our master we serve should be the King of Righteousness. We must live as "dead to sin" and sin must no longer be our master. [We cannot 'serve two masters."]
7:18 Nothing good dwells in our flesh. [the "flesh" is always at war with our spirit - evil (sin) vs. good (Holy Spirit within us)]
8:1 There is NO "condemnation" for those who are in Christ Jesus." AMEN.
8:28 "We know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose."
8:31 "...If God is for us, who is against us?"
10:9-12 THE PROGESSION OF FAITH: The heart of man believes [resulting in righteousness], the tongue confesses [resulting in salvation]. God is Lord of ALL - there is NO DISTINCTION! Amen.
12:2-3 Do not conform to this world. Transform your mind to the Will of God. Faith like all good things] comes from God. Humility is at the heart of faith.
13:10 Love fulfills ALL law.
(... to be continued)
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Started: 16 Sept. 2001